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Going ralph lauren outlet to christian louboutin sale coachella ralph lauren sale vs So we decided to have some fun with numbers.Below, we compare the cost of seeing coachella booked bands play in san francisco with the price of taking the festival plunge down to the polo fields.A san francisco music fan could see an average of six shows for less than the cost of a coachella weekend pass.Clear advantages of going this route include full sets instead of abbreviated ones and more intimate concert settings.San francisco concert total:$212.50With a weekend festival pass costing $269, not including service charges, Coachella may still sound like the value choice, but let’s add up the incidentals.A round trip drive from san francisco to indio is about 1, 000 miles, and with bay area gas averaging $3.03 a gallon, it would cost around $178 to get there by car.Keep in mind that’s if you don’t eat or drink for three days in the desert in which case you’ll probably, you know, die.Coachella is the more exotic option for those made of diamond dust and gold cards.But according to our calculations, it’s more cheap louis vuitton sensible to take a staymusication, catch a variety of ralph lauren pas cher full length shows, drink a beer or 10, and avoid that excruciating sunburn.

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